Discover Deptford's Markets
There's been a market in Deptford for over 100 years
 Fresh Fish at Deptford Market
Deptford high street comes alive on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with the streets around Deptford railway station being transformed into one of the busiest and oldest street markets in London, packed with stalls.

It’s really 3 markets in one – the stalls on the high street sell everything from fruit, vegetables and fresh fish to fabrics, bedlinens and fashion. Turn onto Douglas Way to discover the second hand and bric a brac market or pick up some hot food from around Giffin Square.

"It's about more than just doing a weekly shop"

Established in 1872, Deptford market started life as a cattle market to serve Smithfield's meat market. From 1893 the cattle were gone, but by then – just as today – the market sold everything you could possibly want. Deptford's markets are much more than doing a weekly shop, it's a chance for the community to catch up, have a chat and bag a basket full of bargains. To find out more about the markets visit Lewisham Council’s markets page

 Deptford Market Dog