Flow to Yin Yoga Brunch
Unit 5, Deptford Market Yard

The yoga

The morning will kick start with a 45 minutes dynamic vinyasa flow sequence specifically curated to open the hips, stretch out the muscles that become tensed through stress, and energise and build heat in the body before melting into another 45 minutes of soothing yin poses. Yin will aid a deep release and calm the nervous system for both body and mind - allowing you to delve into your own personal meditative state, guided gently with soothing aromatherapy, adjustments and a head massage. Open to all levels.


The hips

A mix of movement and stillness will be used to help release tension from the area of the body that tends to hold it the most: the hips. The hips store our emotional baggage and the muscles around the hips are responsible for our flight or fight response (the stressy part of our nervous system) and when not released properly it can make the body and mind become erratic.



The food

After your practice you'll feel suitably hungry and ready for our friendly neighbour Dirty Apron of Deptford Market Yard to serve up some delicious home-cooked food to ignite the senses and bring you an array of culinary delights made with love! Come along by yourself or with a friend.



The drink

Enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice to give you a burst of vitamin C and choose your smooth specialty coffee from expert baristas.

Make it boozy and enjoy a glass of Prosecco or a cocktail with your brunch!



Need more?

For a day of pure pampering, if you fancy a massage a few hours after your brunch, please let Angie at The Yoga Room know and you'll get 10% off (a further 10% if you're a member)