Deptford Market, Little Nan's Style
Owner, 'Grandson' Tristan Scutt lets us in on Little Nan's Bar style secrets
 Tristan on Douglas Way in Deptford

How long have you been coming to Deptford Market?

I’ve been coming to Deptford Market for as long as I can remember and I honestly do love it a lot. It's my happy place. Both my Nan and my Aunty loved the bric-a-brac.

Pretty much everything in my house and all the bars, all comes from Deptford Market. You can just rock up on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and get anything like fireplaces, stools, crockery, equipment, it’s so much fun.

How do you approach your visit to the market? Do you have a plan of attack or is it just random searching?

I look at everything. Like today, I didn’t really know I was going to get a Jason Donovan annual and a leopard print stool but I did and now they’re going to be a massive part of the bar.

Do any of the trader’s get things in especially for you?

Sometimes they would tell me if the stuff's there. I think I’m quite fortunate because most of the stuff I like is pretty low brow, things that most people don’t want. 


Paying for the goods
Tristan searching for hidden gems

We want to have a bit of Little Nan’s style in our own living room. What are some of the main things we’ll need to get the look?

Right, you have to get a picture frame and then an old EastEnders annual to cut out a picture of Pat Butcher. You’ve got to get a lampshade with the dangly tassels, a nice vintage rug, a bit of leopard print, bit of chintzy china and a teapot obviously, a nice little mirror and lots of garish fake flowers.

How much do you love EastEnders? On a scale of 1-100?

Is that a joke? (Laughs.) People actually come up to me and ask me if it’s a joke and ask if I really love EastEnders and I do! I really like the community spirit that they create in the characters, the comedy, the drama obviously and that it all revolves around a pub. I think one day I’d quite like to have a Queen Vic in Deptford. We used to have the Deptford Arms. Maybe we could try and get that back one day and call it the Queen Vic.

Have you had anyone from EastEnders in Little Nan’s Bar?

We've had the script writers in and I think they thought I was a bit mental because I was chatting to them about my love for EastEnders and how I think Steve McFadden is the best actor ever. And how I wasn’t so convinced about the episode with Pat Butcher when she came back as a spectre.

Leopard print stool for Little Nan's Bar
Wedding memorabilia

Have you found EastEnders-themed objects on Deptford Market?

I have, I've found EastEnders annuals, erm… I found big earrings, which the market traders tell me are from Pat Butcher and I believe them. (Laughs)

What are your other favourite things to do in Deptford?

I can’t have Deptford Market?

DMY: No, apart from Deptford Market.

I’m about to go to one of them now actually, Café Bianca!

Little Nan’s is part of this but there is an influx of different little businesses, cafe’s, bars, restaurants coming into the area, but I just absolutely love a traditional greasy spoon cafe. It’s been there for years and everyone knows you. I always get the liver and bacon with onion mash and baked beans. I used to live opposite it!

If I’m not down Deptford Market, I love going to Abstracticus which is on Deptford Broadway. It’s a junk shop and the owner Alan’s been there for over 40 years. He’s such a character, him and his wife and the people who work there are brilliant and you can just get so many good little trinkets and ornaments, something to brighten your life up.

Little Nan’s Bar, Arch 13-14, Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Cafe Bianca, 63-69 Deptford High St, London, SE8 4AA

Abstracticus, 51 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PH

 Vintage shop, Abstracticus