Gitas Portal
Big, bold and bright patterns are a plenty at Gitas Portal
Tue-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun-Mon Closed
Arch 3, Deptford Market Yard

The Business

Gitas Portal is for anyone who loves colourful prints, quality design and wants to express their love and energy for stylish living. The focus is on well-made, quality products at value for money prices, alongside exceptional customer service.

The People

Meet the Gitas Portal family, led by Mariatu with help from her husband Edward and daughter Gita. They've been living in Deptford for the past 15 years producing and making their garments right here in London SE8. Mariatu sources her materials from ethical and reputable businesses in the UK, EU and directly from West African artisans.

The Story

In Mariatu’s words: “Woman has a gift/talent - she's completely oblivious to it, her friends appreciate her gift/talent. Woman listens and decides to do something with her gift/talent. This simple but courageous act was the start of Gitas Portal.“

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