Gitas Portal
Big, bold and bright patterns are a plenty at Gitas Portal
Tue-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11:30am-4pm, Mon Closed
Arch 3, Deptford Market Yard

The Business

Gitas Portal is for anyone who loves colourful prints, quality design and wants to express their love and energy for stylish living. The focus is on well-made, quality products alongside exceptional customer service.

The People

Mariatu is a London based fashion designer, mother to five children, wife and entrepreneur. She's passionate about creating and using African aesthetics as a medium to showcase her talent. Born of dual Sierra Leonean and Barbadian heritage, Mariatu uses her cultural influences to give Gitas Portal a broad appeal. She also uses her work to promote a positive narrative about ‘Brand Africa’. The focus is on superb quality and great customer experience.

The Story

Leaving behind a successful career in the civil service, Mariatu has followed her passion to become a creative entrepreneur; but her journey started way before now. 
Born in London and raised in Freetown, Mariatu left Sierra Leone at age 16 due to the Civil War.

After brief periods of homelessness in the US and the UK, Mariatu has continued to rise above life's challenges. Her journey is indicative of her tenacity and is a testimony that despite any of life’s turmoils anyone can make their dreams come true if they work hard. The Gitas Portal boutique in Arch 3 is Mariatu's first bricks and mortar shop right here in Deptford Market Yard.

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