An urban inspired range of products by artist Jessica Childs
Wed, Fri-Sun 11am-7pm Mon-Tues & Thurs Closed
Arch 6, Deptford Market Yard

The Business

An ilustration-led brand inspired by the people and places that form part of everyday London life. Products on sale in store include tracksuits, and t-shirts, ceramics, accessories and prints all embellished with Jessica Child's acutely-observed drawings.

The People

Jess Childs is an illustrator who’s been living and working in South East London for 6 years. The gritty hustle and bustle, traditional English working class vibes and vibrant immigrant communities, dictate the themes of her work that can best be described as 'Terribly British', Innit'!

The Story

After graduating in 2011 Jess moved to Deptford and became involved with The Deptford Project. She got to know the daily rhythm of the area and its residents very well while working on the train carriage café, serving coffee and illustrating flyers and menus.

Jess was then offered an arch space as the Artist in Residence for the creative community. Developing her work by putting her illustrations on different mediums and curating pop up exhibitions, the bones of the brand ‘Childsdraw’ were formed. Now the arches in Deptford Market Yard are fully restored, Jess has come back to where it all began.

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