Becoming a Barista
6pm - 9pm
Lomond Coffee

A fun and practical course for budding coffee enthusiasts and those eager to learn a new skill to take into the work place. We start with a brief look into where the coffee beans come from, from seed to flower, green bean to roasted bean. We then get hands on, learning the fundamentals from calibrating your grinder, producing the perfect espresso and texturising smooth and silky milk for the best flat white.

The course allows participants to set the foundations for an exciting career in the coffee industry. It will give you valuable knowledge and experience for your CV and it is a great opportunity to apply your own passion into this multi layered skill, how you wish, whether you are eager to become a great head barista in your next job, make great coffee at home or even becoming the next world barista champion.

This course is for beginners. If you have never touched a coffee machine in your life, or you have but lack confidence in refining your skills this is the course for you.

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